It was widely reported that Windows Vista was officially released today as the successor to Windows XP. Here’s the New York Times story about the release, and here’s some coverage from CNet.

Most of you won’t see Vista until it begins shipping with new computers on January 30. The versions available today are only for business customers with Microsoft volume licenses. (I’ll have a handful of licenses in a few days. Want to buy a new computer and spend a few extra dollars to be an early adopter? Give me a buzz.)

During the next sixty days, you will read many many words about Vista. You will read about its features, good and bad; you will read predictions that it will have virtually no impact on the market; you’ll read that the hackers are going to tear it to shreds. It will get more coverage than John Kerry’s joke.

Read the articles with interest but keep in mind that a fog is frequently generated these days about things that are over-reported. After all the words, the result will be the same: Vista will be just fine; you’ll want it on your new computers, but you won’t put in the effort or expense to convert your existing computers from Windows XP.

Personally, I expect to be setting up Vista computers at a frantic pace next year. Many of my clients and friends bought their current computers 3-4 years ago; they are beginning to feel slow, they are beginning to fall apart. I think we’re on the verge of a big upgrade cycle.

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