You’ll see lots of press about the Apple iPhone. Here’s as good a summary as I’ve seen today:

“The iPhone is much higher-end than I thought it would be: It has not only GSM, EDGE, and Bluetooth (and notably, not one of the 3G high-speed cellular networks) but Wi-Fi and a gigantic, super-high-res touch screen. It surfs the Web with a desktop-quality browser and gets push email—but notice it’s personal Yahoo! email, not corporate email, and there’s no solution for editing document attachments. This is a consumer phone, not a business phone — and it’s very expensive.”

The phone is locked to Cingular, uses a name owned by Cisco, and costs $500-$600. The screen design looks pretty (usability to be determined), and it’s very slim and sexy. Five hundred bucks is some serious change, though, and not all Verizon and Sprint customers are going to want to change just to get the latest sexy phone. It’s not obvious that this will take over the market like the iPod did.

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