Version 1.5 of Windows Live OneCare began to be rolled out a couple of days ago. If you are currently using OneCare, you will be updated automatically. When the process goes smoothly, it is completely silent – you will have no idea it happened. (If you open OneCare, the graphics on the new version are slightly different and it will have version 1.5 under Help / About Windows Live OneCare.)

Several people have reported a period of several hours when OneCare’s icon turns red and the program complains that the firewall and antivirus coverage is turned off. As near as I can tell, it’s a side effect of the update that resolves itself if left alone. If you see that, let it go for a day before worrying about it.

When the new version is installed, Windows Defender is disabled because Windows Live OneCare has adware/spyware protection built in. Despite my fears, no confusing notices have come up about that, but Windows Defender will still be on your Start menu, ready to alarm you by saying it’s disabled if you click on it. It can be safely uninstalled if you prefer not to see it.

Backups can be scheduled more frequently with the new version, so you can finally do daily backups. Good luck!

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