The dates for Daylight Savings Time are changing this year, as required by a law passed in 2005. It turns out your computer doesn’t yet know about that and is fully prepared to muck up appointments in Outlook for the few weeks that are different in the spring and fall.

You don’t have to do anything – updates will automatically be installed in the next week or two on your desktop computers. I’ll be installing updates for Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server for my business clients. It’s one more way that a complicated world requires complicated maintenance – and another reason that it’s impossible to run a computer with an outdated operating system.

Here’s an article about the upcoming patches for Daylight Savings Time, and here’s Microsoft’s support page about the issue.

Cell phones and PDAs running the Windows Mobile operating system apparently will have special problems – take a look at this Microsoft support page. It gives me a headache just reading the instructions.

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