If you’ve ever looked at Engadget or Gizmodo, you know there are an overwhelming number of new products appearing all the time. Here’s one that looks like it might be particularly useful.

There are hundreds of cell phones and other handheld devices with two inch screens that theoretically can browse the web. It’s pretty pointless; the screens are too small and the pages fill in slowly and you can’t see more than a fraction of the page.

Microsoft’s upcoming product Deepfish might solve those problems in an interesting way. It takes a snapshot of the web page and presents the image of the entire page on the handheld screen, then makes it easy to zoom in to a portion of the screen. You’re not seeing the real screen but rather an optimized image of the screen, so everything appears very quickly. There are a lot of hard problems to solve with online video and animated advertisements and the like, but the concept makes a lot of sense. Here’s the developers’ blog with more information, and here’s a video demonstration of how it works.

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