Two clients reported problems printing e-mail messages from Outlook 2003 – the message headers weren’t printing, the part that shows Date:, To:, From: and Subject. In each case, it was erratic – some messages would print correctly, others would be missing the header info.

Apparently there’s a bug in the way Outlook 2003 interacts with Internet Explorer 7 – something to do with the IE7 feature that shrinks pages so they print properly. (Have you noticed that the right side of the page isn’t cut off any more on your printouts from web pages?)

Microsoft has issued a hotfix – the information about it is here. Hotfixes cannot be downloaded directly; Microsoft has a rigorous testing process before patches are made available for downloading and hotfixes have not finished that process. They’re free but it takes a call to Microsoft.

If you’re one of my clients and you notice this problem, call me and I’ll get the hotfix to you.

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