Wonderful post from a blogger about his experiences using Vista instead of Windows XP or a Mac – well worth reading the whole thing.

“At least Vista has better habits than WinXP. Vista may be outgoing, but she’s cautious, too. She won’t just talk to anybody, and she’s pretty good about sizing up trouble. Vista may be sometimes unpredictable, but I have good confidence that the apartment won’t be burglarized because Vista let just any so-and-so walk inside.

“Vista expects me to occasionally profess my love for her, and she says it’s the only way to validate our relationship. If I don’t, she just emotionally shuts down.

“Vista has her character defects, but she is just so lovely and charming in other ways. I did have to move to a bigger flat to accommodate her needs. But I’m enjoying the extra room, too.

“When Vista first moved back in, she was all business, but now she’s the ultimate.”

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