A pleasure to be back! I assume you turned off your computers while I was gone; feel free to turn them back on again now.

I apologize if anyone sent me an e-mail message and got a non-delivery notice in response; my e-mail server went down shortly after I left and there were some odd side-effects. I eventually got all the incoming mail, I think, and I’ll be returning calls on Monday.

My thanks to all of you for your patience, and to Mikel Cook for covering the handful of crises that needed immediate attention.

The news returns on Tuesday – I’ve got tips for travellers, a new version of Windows Live OneCare ready for testing, and some new gadgets to tell you about.

You are welcome to look at some of the vacation pictures, if you’re having trouble controlling your voyeuristic tendencies.

Update: In response to overwhelming demand, there are new Swiss wallpaper pictures (including the yoga cows starring in billboards all over Switzerland, courtesy of the Swiss milk council), and vacation pictures of the loyal bruceb staff. Now don’t go pushing and crowding – there’s enough bandwidth for everybody.

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