Costco doesn’t always have great deals on software any more, but occasionally something turns up. If for some reason you haven’t bought your copy of Windows Live OneCare yet, you can buy it at Costco through Sunday for $4.99. No rebate – that’s the price at the register.

While you’re at Costco, parents might want to take a look at Microsoft Student 2008, which includes the entire content of Encarta Premium plus homework tools, report templates, research aids, strong math and foreign language tools, and more. (Here’s some comments I wrote about the 2006 version of Student; with luck the current version has fewer bugs.)

Encarta is a bit less relevant when the rich online world is a click away, but it’s still quite helpful to get started on a homework assignment. You can get Microsoft Student 2008 at Costco this weekend for $12.99, which makes it pretty lovable even if your kids make a face when you show it to them.

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