There’s a remarkable world of applications designed to work with Microsoft Office. In fact, there’s probably more programs included under the “Office” banner than you realized – the official name is “2007 Office System,” with programs you’ve never heard of and deep connections to eight different specialized servers from Microsoft alone.

There are surprising add-ins for the basic programs as well. Random example: a client mentioned that Microsoft Outlook 2007 has a bug printing monthly calendars – weekend events spanning Saturday and Sunday don’t print correctly. I couldn’t find any workarounds and was about to suggest waiting for the next service pack, when I stumbled on the Outlook 2007 Calendar Printing Assistant. It’s a free download that runs as a separate program and adds enormous flexibility to Outlook calendars, with templates for a variety of effects that aren’t possible directly from Outlook. Among other things, it prints monthly calendars correctly.

You might want to spend some time looking through the Microsoft Office web site – it’s a pretty extensive collection of downloads, clip art, and templates, and you might find something that makes your life easier.

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