Apple announced today that it has licensed ActiveSync technology from Microsoft, allowing the iPhone to sync mail, contacts, and calendars with Exchange Server.  Apple also released a development kit which will result in an explosion of third party applications for the iPhone.

The iPhone is poised to be a compelling choice for businesses, including my clients running Small Business Server. Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices suddenly look very drab in comparison.

The update for the iPhone is scheduled to be delivered in June. The iPhone will still be tethered to AT&T for the foreseeable future. There is no official word about whether the iPhone will be upgraded to permit a faster 3G Internet connection but the rumor mills are predicting a 3G iPhone in June to go along with the enterprise features.

Here’s an article about today’s announcement of ActiveSync support for Exchange, and here’s an overview of the entire Apple press conference. Apple unveiled a web site devoted to the iPhone Enterprise program and Microsoft concurrently issued a press release.

This has the potential to make the iPhone a bigger deal than anything Apple is doing with computers, and might even eclipse Apple’s success in changing the music industry with the iPod. Pay attention to this story!

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