The battle for your home page has been raging for years, and it shows no sign of dying down. The home page is the first page that’s displayed when you open Internet Explorer. Big companies love it when your home page is set to one of their properties, so you see all of their lovely advertising. Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Comcast, and many more will change your home page to their preferred choice given half a chance.

This isn’t new but it’s worth repeating. You can set your home page to anything you like, and it’s easier than ever in Internet Explorer 7. If you want a different page to be displayed when you start Internet Explorer, just browse to the page of your choice (which I trust will be the bruceb favorites page, right?), then click on the down arrow by the home icon in the upper right.


Choose “Add or change home page.” You’ll be able to set the current page as your new home page. Done!


While you’re making changes, you can change another odd setting – by default, a blank page is shown when you open a new tab in IE7. Click on Tools / Internet Options, then click on the “Settings” button under Tabs. Add a check mark to “Open home page for new tabs instead of a blank page.”


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