Microsoft will be using new advertisements and other marketing tricks to turn around the public perception that there is something wrong with Vista. A CNet writer just ran across one idea that worked well. Microsoft gathered a group of Windows XP users who had negative opinions of Vista, and gave them a preview of a new operating system under development at Microsoft code-named “Mojave.”

The users were enthusiastic. More than 90 percent gave positive feedback on what they saw in “Mojave.”

Then Microsoft told them that they were looking at Vista, not some mysterious project in development. With cameras rolling, Microsoft got some invalusable footage of people saying, “Oh, wow!”

It’s long past time for Microsoft to fight back. Vista’s problems are not technical or compatibility issues – those have been unimportant for a long time. The real problem is turning around years of attacks by Apple and by commentators with little perspective and too much space to fill.

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