If you are using Windows Live OneCare, it will be automatically upgraded to version 2.5 in the next few days. You don’t need to do anything. The new version does not change anything you will notice – it fixes a few problems, speeds things up a bit, and set up OneCare to be licensed as part of the Microsoft Equipt package.

You may see various warnings for a while during the upgrade. OneCare may turn red, or the icon may disappear and be replaced with warnings about security problems. Do not be alarmed.

The upgrade process is a little wobbly. There’s no warning before it starts and it can look as if you’re exposed to the bad guys. As I understand it, you’re not in danger – OneCare locks things down during the upgrade and the warnings are incorrect.

If you see those ominous signs, wait a few hours or overnight. Restart your computer if requested. Chances are that OneCare will go back to work by itself.

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