Microsoft has released Power Pack 1 for Windows Home Server, fixing a rare but embarrassing data corruption bug, adding new features, and improving stability.

Reports of occasional data corruption were enough to seriously tarnish the reputation of a new product that deserved better. Many people would appreciate having a WHS device – centralized storage of files, remote access to home computers, and especially a tremendous system for backing up all the networked computers.

The WHS team decided to issue the fix for the data corruption bug along with “Power Pack 1,” perhaps to make completely sure that the bug was quashed, since it was sufficiently obscure that it had not surfaced during any of the testing of WHS before its original release and it proved difficult to reproduce in the labs. They are confident that it is behind them; I’ll go back to recommending WHS to home users and small businesses.

If you own a Windows Home Server, the service pack can be manually downloaded and installed here. It will be automatically installed on your server next month through the Automatic Update system. Manufacturers like HP will be adding their own features with accompanying updates.

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