I’ve got something that might help you out when you face your California election ballot.

A good friend who has worked in state government and politics for most of his career has written an analysis of the twelve propositions on the California ballot. It’s as close to nonpartisan as anything can be today, with solid information about the background, cost, and strengths and shortcomings of each proposition. (No position is taken or argued on Proposition 4 (parental notification of minor’s abortion) or Proposition 8 (same sex marriage).)

I encourage you to take a look if you haven’t researched the propositions! It’s exactly what I was looking for at a time when it’s hard to find an independent source of information. Whether you agree or disagree isn’t the point – at the least, you’ll be better informed when you make up your own mind.

You should be able to download the PDF from my public Skydrive folder by clicking the link below. If you have trouble retrieving it, drop me a note and I’ll email a copy. Vote smart!

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