microsoft_vista-logo I’ve set up more new computers in the last few months than in the year before that. A lot of you are retiring your trusty Windows XP computers and sitting down to Vista for the first time.

Welcome to Vista! It’s a great operating system.

You’ll be able to get started right away. These are the new features that I point out to my clients – things that set Vista ahead of Windows XP that you might not discover right away. Go read about each one!

Vista’s Favorites list can be made into your best friend, a customized list for one-click access to the folders you use most often. It’s so easy to customize that it would be a shame not to use it.

Breadcrumbs” give you an easy, intuitive way to move through folders and subfolders, a huge improvement over the folder navigation in Windows XP.

The snipping tool is a built-in utility for quick screen shots that can be dropped into an email or document or photo.

Shadow copy is a feature in Vista Business and Vista Ultimate that automatically makes extra copies of your folders twice a day and tucks them in a safe place. You can restore files as they existed in the past, regardless of whether they’ve been edited or deleted in the meantime.

Don’t hunt for programs – search for them! When you click the Start button, your cursor is immediately blinking in a search bar. Start to type in the name of a program! You’ll see it immediately appear at the top of the Start menu. It’s far faster than looking for a program by combing through the “All Programs” list.

Have fun!

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