There are reports of increased phishing attacks purporting to be messages from various banks. Be alert! The bad guys create email messages that appear to be from banks, with links to malicious web sites that attempt to install viruses or adware or fool you into entering account information. The messages and web sites are increasingly professional, to the point that they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The current wave of bank activity might make it plausible that your bank would contact you by email, but I don’t want anyone fooled. In today’s environment, no bank or other company will ever send you an unsolicited email message about your account; the only communication you will receive from any company will either be advertising or a response to something you initiated. If you’re unsure, always doublecheck by phone, or by going to the company’s web site directly instead of by clicking on a link in a message.

Be safe out there!

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