Finally, some online technology that you can use!

image In the last ten years, many newspapers, magazines, and other publishers experimented with putting material online behind walls set up for subscribers only. One by one, the experiments failed to attract much interest and frequently instead drove consumers to free alternatives, so for the last few years more and more content has been made available for free, albeit surrounded by ads. Even television shows are increasingly likely to be available online, at least for a while, at sites like Hulu and Fancast.

Now a big barrier falls in the world of newspaper syndication. United Feature Syndicate is the first of the comics syndicates to put all of its content, including years of archives, online for free at A quick, free registration is all it takes. (Well, almost all. You have to respond to their confirming email. My copy got caught in my spam filter, but once I figured that out everything went fine.)

The selection is only fair but it includes Get Fuzzy, Pearls Before Swine, some great editorial cartoonists, and every single Peanuts strip ever published, all 21,010 of them. You can view the comics online with a customized page displaying the comics you choose or get a daily email, plus you can set up an RSS feed of your favorite strips. If you’re reading blogs every day, you really should take the time to learn about RSS feeds!

Go read comics!

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