Windows Live Skydrive has been updated with a new look, 25Gb of free storage space, and new options for storing and sharing photos. There is some integration with an updated version of Windows Live Photo Gallery but I haven’t yet explored how that works. If you’re not using Skydrive yet, here are my notes about it.

That’s 25Gb of free online storage space. That’s a lot of space! Hotmail users have also been bumped to 25Gb of free storage space for email, in addition to the Skydrive space. You can share files with the world or with individuals and there’s no longer a need for people to sign in with a Windows Live ID to see a shared file.

The redesigned front page for Skydrive is quite elegant. I don’t see a big advertisement like the one in the screen shot from last month. Ah! I  get it now. The ad is displayed if you look at someone else’s Skydrive space, or if you’re not signed in. The elegant display is for your own Skydrive account after signing in.


Folders that contain photos are set apart automatically, and they look just great, with built-in controls for slideshows and very nice thumbnails. When photos are shared, it appears people can download the full-sized files instead of being limited to a low-resolution version of a photo – a common problem with online photo services until recently.

The folder shown below, by the way, contains my favorite wallpaper images for widescreen monitors, gathered from all over the web. You probably know this but bear in mind – if you get a full-sized image onscreen that you like, you can right-click it and click on “Set as desktop background” to make it your wallpaper. With these images, for example, if you click on a thumbnail, you’re taken to a page showing a small version of the individual image. If you click on that image and click on “Open,” you should see the full-size image. That’s the one to use for your wallpaper. Go take a look!


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