Here’s a couple of tricks that might be worth learning!

When you click on a link in Internet Explorer, it’s not always easy to know what to expect – you might leave the page you’re on and go to the new page, but you might also open another copy of Internet Explorer in a new window. Internet Explorer can also open multiple tabbed pages in a single window. You can decide what happens!

  • Hold the Shift key down and click a link to open a new IE window.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down and click a link to open a page in a new tab in the same window.

You can also right-click any link and choose “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window.”

Tabbed windows can be handy! You can open new tabs by clicking on the little empty tab at the top of the IE window.


When you open a new tab, you might see a blank page or some fairly dull text. Personally, I prefer to have my home page appear on each new tab as a starting point. Click on Tools / Internet Options / Tabs – Settings to check a box.


When you’ve got several windows in tabs in an IE window, you can hit Ctrl-Tab to move through the tabs, one by one, without using the mouse.

There’s a built-in visual display of all your open tabs that’s quite nice. When more than one tab is open, you’ll see a little tab on the left with squares on it.


When you click on it, you’ll see thumbnails of all open pages. You can click on one to switch to it.


Now that I’ve gotten used to tabs, I frequently do all my Internet browsing in a single window. Happy tabbing!

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