That’s 14” of fresh snow overnight, followed by an afternoon of sunshine and deep powder skiing. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to gloat, but I had to tell someone. There will be a brief pause in the technology news.

Joe Nevin of Bumps For Boomers has been doing an extraordinary job of teaching us new ski techniques, but I don’t want to use the news page for that. Instead, go take a look at the mobile phone service that he introduced me to, Dial 1 (800) 224-2242 from your cell phone and ask a question, any question. “What is the elevation at the top of Ajax Mountain in Aspen, Colorado?” You’ll get a text message back with the answer in less than a minute. Real people translate your spoken voice into text, then look up the answer to your question. It’s free, with just a small ad at the bottom of the text message that answers your question. That might not be a sustainable business plan but apparently AT&T just invested a bunch of money into it and Jeff Bezos of Amazon played a role in the original funding.

It’s the fact that it exists that makes me marvel at what a weird and wonderful world this is. I’ll be back with more shortly!

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