If you have a subscription to Windows Live OneCare, you are covered until the choices for security software are more clear towards the end of 2009. Keep using OneCare.

Your OneCare subscription will not expire. Starting last month, Microsoft began extending OneCare subscriptions automatically for six months for free. You’ll get an email to confirm that before your subscription expires. Here are the details of the free extension.

You are not obligated to continue using OneCare. You can switch to another program whenever you choose. Here is information about the security software on the market now.

mse I’ve been testing Microsoft Security Essentials, the free antivirus/spyware program released briefly to a small pool of beta testers. It is exactly what many of us need. It installs nearly instantly and runs invisibly, with virtually no impact on system resources. It will be available to all Windows users by late 2009 or early 2010. I love it. The beta test is now closed. Here is more info about MSE.

New computer, ready to switch from OneCare, or unhappy with your current software? If you are one of my clients and you want to try Microsoft Security Essentials, drop me a note.

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