windows7logo Microsoft has had aggressive prices for college students for years. Today it announced that college students can buy Windows 7 Home Premium for $29.99.

It’s all part of the marketing that is ramping up for the Windows 7 launch on October 22. It’s probably not a coincidence that the deal for students was announced shortly after Apple picked the same price, $29, for the “Snow Leopard” service pack that was released with great fanfare three weeks ago. Windows 7 is getting a warm response from almost everyone who tries it; it may be a good opportunity for Microsoft to regain some mind share in dormitories and classrooms.

Microsoft patrols the student licenses fairly closely. If you have an email address that ends in .EDU or that is issued by one of the approved colleges, you’re ready to go – otherwise you’ll have to supply a scan of a student ID or the like. It’s worth noting that students can also get a copy of Office Ultimate 2007 for $59.95, which is a pretty remarkable deal too.

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