I’m happy to announce a new service available to anyone looking for some help maintaining a Windows XP or Vista PC – office users, home users, my clients, your parents, anyone who could use a hand, anywhere.

My colleague Mike Cook of MC Solutions and I will tune up your PC for $125. We’ll help you stay safe and maybe even speed things up a little. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes of knowing that your most vulnerable programs are up to date and your antivirus software is on the job.

All the details are on this page. Please take a look and then get in touch if you have a computer that could use a tuneup!

UPDATES  There has been an unending stream of updates for various programs to fix security issues and many people have had trouble keeping up. We will work remotely and install updates as needed for Windows, Office, Acrobat, Flash, and Java. At the same time we can advise about obsolete programs or things that no one is using that might be slowing down your computer – but nothing is removed without your knowledge and consent!

ANTIVIRUS  At the same time, we’ll check your antivirus protection. If you’re unprotected or you want to switch, we’ll install Microsoft Security Essentials, powerful new antivirus/antispyware from Microsoft – now available completely free.

PRICE  The work typically takes 2-3 hours per computer, but a fair amount of that involves waiting for downloads and installs. We’ll do it for a fixed price – $125 per computer.

You’ll be on the phone with us at the beginning. Once work has started, you don’t need to be at the computer the whole time.

Click here for more about the PC Tuneup offer, and click here for some small print.

To schedule an appointment, contact Bruce Berls at (707) 703-1601, or send an email to bruceb@bruceb.com.

Or contact Mike Cook at (707) 827-1524, or send an email to mike@mcsolutionsco.com.

If you know anyone that might be helped by having a professional look at their computer, please pass the word! Thanks for your continued loyalty and support.


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