patronsaintofbaconEverywhere I went today the same question came up – who was the stylish figure in the picture of the dual monitors yesterday?

Actually, if you want to be hyper-technical, I didn’t go anywhere today and no one asked, but that’s not important.

That’s St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Bacon, holding a frying pan with two strips of crispy, delicious bacon. It’s important to keep reminders on your desk of things that are important to you. I can always turn to St. Anthony for answers when my thoughts turn to the enjoyment of quality bacon.

You can get your own figure from many online sources, as you’d expect from an item of such importance. I’d probably favor this store because it also stocks figures of St. Adrian, the Patron Saint of Butchers, Arms Dealers and Prison Guards.

I leave you with the prayer that has sustained me on so many late nights:

O wondrous St. Anthony, please bless me with an abundance of quality bacon and grant me the patience and timing to properly fry each glorious strip.

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