Keeping your computer up to date is the only way to be secure.

If your home or office computer needs housekeeping, I’m standing by to clean things up. I’ll install security updates, remove unnecessary programs, and put on powerful, free antivirus software from Microsoft – all for a fixed price, no matter how long it takes. Frequently it’s like a shot in the arm for a slow computer, speeding things up so you can live with it for a while longer.

A PC Tuneup is a lovely gift for parents or friends who could use some help from a sympathetic professional. Drop me a note and I’ll send you a gift certificate! And if you know anyone whose computer might benefit from some loving attention, pass the word.

A PC Tuneup is $125. Work is done remotely using LogMeIn Rescue – enterprise-quality support for safe, temporary access to the computer. Payment of $125 is made when the work starts – so give away a gift certificate at Christmas and pay for the service later.

More details are available at the PC Tuneup web site. Let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!

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