When I moved the bruceb news page to WordPress and opened it up to comments, there was an unexpected side effect: blog spam.

There’s a space at the bottom of each post for comments. I don’t have a big audience and there are few comments from real people. You, my family and dear friends and clients and any of the rest of my fourteen readers, you are always welcome to add a comment. I promise to read all comments, answer questions, laugh at your jokes, blush if you say something nice, and take criticism personally, just like you’d expect.

The spammers find comment boxes on WordPress blogs and fill them in automatically. The content doesn’t matter; it’s all about the link to a web site in the text of the comment or the link supplied to the web site of the “author” of the comment. I think it’s done to increase the number of online links to advertising sites, hoping to trick Google into believing that the ad site is crosslinked elsewhere and therefore should show up in search results.

The pace is picking up, currently running at 5-10 per day. What a world!


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