Here’s a weird bug in Windows 7. I haven’t run into it myself but I love oddball glitches like this. (My favorite continues to be the discovery that Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony could cause the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 to fail.)

The glitch: If you set a solid-color desktop on your new Windows 7 computer instead of a custom wallpaper, you may experience a thirty-second delay before the desktop appears.

Doesn’t happen if you choose a photo for wallpaper or install the Coca Cola theme or use anything else – just a solid color. Microsoft doesn’t explain why it happens but it has issued a hotfix if you must have this fixed right away. It will presumably be fixed by a regular update or service pack down the road.

(By the way, have you looked at the Windows 7 themes made available online for free by Microsoft? A theme is a collection of rotating wallpapers, colors, and sounds that can be installed with a single click. There’s a Saks Fifth Avenue theme, a Porsche theme, a Pepsi theme, an Avatar theme. It’s a great big corporate world out there, isn’t it?)

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