Technology is moving faster than ever before. Businesses are replacing aging computers and servers at a rapid pace. People are getting mobile devices that will improve their productivity and make life more fun. Everyone needs help to set things up and work out the kinks. The phone is ringing off the hook.

What’s a highly trained professional to do?

Right. Drop the ball. Leave town. Go skiing.

Responsibility? Commitment to my clients? Bah. Overrated.

So circle the wagons, crouch behind the barrels, keep your heads down – you’re on your own, partners.

Well, not quite.

I’ll be available by email each afternoon and evening, and by phone any time for emergencies. I’ll be able to provide remote support in the afternoon if necessary.

If you need immediate help and can’t reach me (and I will be perhaps the teensiest bit distracted and slow to return calls), please give my trusted colleague Mike Cook a call at (707) 827-1524.

Be nice to your computers while I’m gone! Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!

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