Ooh! A milestone! I’m sure you’re as excited as I am! This is article number 2000 in the never-ending series of Bruceb News posts!

I get such joy out of writing these articles for you, using too many words to describe things that normal people find uninteresting. There’s such a reward when I’m in the zone, able to combine being condescending on the one hand and inaccurate on the other, selflessly trying to serve my devoted audience of fifteen readers. Hi, mom! Oh wait, fourteen readers. She unsubscribed. Well, the rest of you know who you are. In fact, you probably know each other. Look, not every blogger goes viral, okay?

If you have a high tolerance for pain, or you wish you got more junk email, you can subscribe to receive these articles by mail or in your favorite RSS reader. We’re making a big promotional push this week to get subscriptions into double digits, so tell your friends and put up notices at local supermarkets and community shelters. I’m committed to serving up the best in technology news, tips and updates for the foreseeable future, which is currently next Wednesday. I set fairly short-term goals.

Here’s last night’s dashboard in WordPress. Tonight is number 2000, baby! Wow, this is great! Golly! Whee.



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