[UPDATE to yesterday’s article about a printer bug in the Adobe Acrobat and Reader 9.4.2 patch: Adobe’s tech support note was updated last night with a small program that automatically fixes the problem. If you experience a problem printing from Acrobat after installing the 9.4.2 update, go here and run the AdobePatchApplication.exe file, then restart your computer.]

Although Adobe richly deserves criticism for its bugs and lackluster support, it’s only fair to reiterate an important point: Adobe Acrobat is a crucial business tool with features that no competitor offers.

Check out this article over at Small City Law Firm Tech about using Acrobat to capture a web page. Acrobat Pro 9 and 10 can create a PDF snapshot of a web page with almost perfect fidelity to the original, including hyperlinks. With an extra click, you can automatically create a PDF that contains multiple levels of a web site. Many web sites are not “pages” as much as containers for pieces filled in by a database, so this is one of the only ways to get a reliable snapshot of the way a web page looks at a particular moment. Vivian’s article has screen shots detailing the process and describing the options. Recommended!


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