Searching All Mail In Outlook
Search Tools In Outlook 2010

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Vivian Manning, IT Manager at Ontario law firm Burgar Rowe. In her blog, Small City Law Firm Tech, she’s writing articles stuffed with practical information about the programs you use every day – for anyone using a computer to get a job done, not just for lawyers. You should have it in your RSS reader or Favorites list!

Vivian is currently writing a series of articles about how to manage Outlook more effectively – an overview yesterday, and a lavishly illustrated article today about how to use Outlook Search Folders. If you’re not using Search Folders in Outlook 2007 or 2010, you’re missing one of the most effective tools to get a handle on your steadily increasing mail flow. They’re more effective and easier to manage than setting up rules to sort incoming mail into folders. There will be more articles on Small City Law Firm Tech in the next few days with more details about search folders and other Outlook tips and tricks.

It gives me a chance to remind loyal readers one more time to spend a few minutes setting up the All Mail Search Folder. It’s an effective and easy way to find things in Outlook with a minimum amount of fuss. Try it! then go learn some more search folder tricks and start getting your Inbox back under control.

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