Clients with mail hosted by Microsoft Online Services are experiencing mail delays, both sending and receiving. It began this morning and apparently is a system-wide problem. Some mail began erratically flowing in and out at about 1pm, so you may see messages come trickling in that were originally sent hours ago. Some people claim to have been told on the phone that the problem has been identified but no promises have been made about when service will go back to full speed.

People are griping about today’s outage here. For what it’s worth, normally in a situation like this messages are not lost, only delayed.

Microsoft maintains a “Service Health Dashboard” where you can find out if there are any current issues with the mail service. Log in with your email address and current Microsoft Online Services password. If you use Bruceb Favorites as your home page (and you do, don’t you?), the link to the Health Dashboard is under Computers / MS Online Services.

[Update 05/10/11 7pm: Mail began to flow mid-afternoon. At 7pm Microsoft posted the official notice that the problem was fully resolved.]

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