Everyone might get something useful out of David Pogue’s column today for the New York Times, a collection of tips and tricks for cellphones and computers. Some of them are basic, some won’t apply, but I’ll bet you find a pearl or two that give you an “A Ha!” moment.

Random examples:

  • Do you know what the strange pictures are that turn up in advertisements, like the one above? They’re “QR codes” – take a picture of them with a special app on your iPhone or Android phone (e.g. Google Goggles), and you’ll be taken to a web page.
  • Microsoft runs a free voice-activated business directory at (800) BING-411.
  • When you’re composing an email or text message on an iPhone or Android phone, hit the space bar twice at the end of a sentence – it inserts a period, a space, and capitalizes the next letter. That was the tip that did it for me – I had no idea!

There are lots more in the main column, plus 25 more tips in a follow-up post on his blog.

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