If all goes well, you’ll see and wearing shiny new clothes next week after being redesigned top to bottom by Andrew Berls, who has been slaving away for weeks on a long overdue rewrite. If you use the Favorites page as your home page, you’ll be very happy with the updated version, I think.

The project has given me a healthy respect for how difficult it is to write web sites from scratch. Hours and hours pass during the process of dealing with details large and small. The version of that you see today is my work, built on an inadequate knowledge of HTML and complete ignorance of CSS or modern web standards. Tables nested in tables – hey, that’s all I knew how to do, and about all that I could do in Microsoft Front Page 2003, long obsolete.

Although the pages are visually similar in the new site, Andrew has rewritten everything behind the scenes for consistency and fast performance. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 is the design tool; like all Adobe products, it has a huge hump at the beginning of the learning curve but has tremendous power if you can get past that.

So keep an eye out. We’ll be tweaking and tuning over the weekend. Look for the new site on Monday morning!

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