Bruceb Cloud Backup - monitored online backups for small businesses

Bruceb Cloud Backup provides monitored online backups at prices that are comparable to the unmonitored "business" plans offered by competitors.

The web site has been updated with new information about Bruceb Cloud Backup. You’ll find answers to all your questions there.

I introduced the online backup service a few months ago. It’s been reliable and has already proven its value to clients who have been able to roll back to earlier versions of documents in progress or recover inadvertently deleted files.

The price seemed high. I’m happy to announce that prices have been reduced, effective immediately. If you’ve considered online backups in the past but didn’t sign up for Bruceb Cloud Backup, it’s time to take another look.

Prices are based on the amount of space you need. Sign up for an amount of space that suits you – 15Gb or 25Gb, say – and use the space as you choose. There’s no charge for setup and you can install the software on as many computers as you like.

Accounts can be billed monthly or annually. Get one month FREE when you sign up for an annual account!

New prices, effective February 1, 2012:

SOHO I – 5Gb
One month free! $99/year

One month free! $385/year

SOHO II – 10Gb
One month free! $176/year

One month free! $692/year

One month free! $264/year

One month free! $1,210/year

For an additional $8/month ($88/year), you can use the same backup program to back up an unlimited amount of data to an external hard drive. You’ll be able to use one simple program for all your backup needs and protect huge libraries of photos, music, or movies in addition to storing business-critical data online.

If you’re interested in signing up or getting more information, give me a call at (707) 703-1601 or drop a note to It takes only a few minutes to get started!

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