The IT Crowd – Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again

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As the years go by, your tech problems are getting more and more complex – but it’s still helpful to review the basics every so often. Vivian Manning wrote a nice collection of IT homilies for Attorney At Work covering some of the oft-repeated truths of IT support. Examples:

Before You Call the Help Desk: A “Check This First” List

“1. Make sure your system has power. Power buttons are easy to check, but don’t forget your wall plug and power bar! For your wall plug, just plug something into it that you know already works (like a radio). If your wall plug is dead, you need an electrician, not a techie. Now double-check your power bar and make sure the power toggle hasn’t been mysteriously switched off. . . .

“3. Reboot. You know we’ll just ask you whether you have, right? A reboot resolves an amazing number of issues—don’t know why, but it does, so take advantage of it. Reboot at least once before calling tech support. And make sure you reboot your computer every couple of days at least. A freshly booted system always works best. . . .

“6. Don’t install anything on your computer. Period. Ask tech to do it for you. We’ll both be glad you did. We’re naturally suspicious, skeptical types and we’re pretty good at sorting out the bad guys from the good, so take advantage of that. Don’t risk malware that can affect an entire network if you inadvertently install something malicious. Malware can result in anything from an annoying message flashing on your monitor to a complete trashing of your hard drive—or your entire network. Theft of confidential client data is a particular worry and must always be guarded against.”

It’s a good read and a good reminder!

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