Office 365 outage

Some Office 365 users are unable to access their mailbox this  morning, either in Outlook or in webmail.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem but no details are yet available. There is a forum thread here where Microsoft promises to publish updates. There is a link for administrators in the left column of the Office 365 portal for “Service Health” which is frequently updated (but usually not very helpful).

The outages have been sporadic, with some users going down while other mailboxes open normally in the same office.

If you are experiencing this, Outlook will show “Trying to connect . . .” in the lower right corner. There’s nothing you can do to fix it. Don’t worry about restarting your computer – it’s out of our control.

There was a minor problem last week, when message delivery was delayed for several hours for some Office 365 users. The service has otherwise been solid for more than a year. I just moved one of my larger clients to Office 365 a few days ago and this is not the introduction to the service that I wanted for them.

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