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If your Internet connection feels a little slow, it’s probably because the Bruceb News site is sucking up the world’s bandwidth to accommodate well-wishers, gawkers, and passers-by eager to see what all the commotion is about. It’s a milestone: this is article number 2400 in the never-ending series of Bruceb News posts!

My mother always told me that I might not succeed right away but if I stuck with what I loved and persisted and kept giving people what they need, then someday I would make her proud! She was wrong about some other stuff, too.

Here’s the WordPress dashboard. More than fifteen years of being prolific, on the one hand, and yet somehow uninteresting on the other hand. It gives me a warm feeling inside. No, wait, that was the pasta I had for dinner.

Bruceb News - 2400 articles

New on Bruceb News: I recently added links to a collection of the most popular and useful articles from the last few years, in case you’re feeling nostalgic. And if you visit from your phone, you’ll see a mobile version of the articles, courtesy of a lovely WordPress plugin.

(Next project: a mobile version of the Bruceb Favorites page to make Internet browsing easier on your phone. If you’re not using Bruceb Favorites as your home page on your computer or laptop, here’s the explanation of why you should.)

Subscribe to the Bruceb News mailing list, if you’re not already receiving it by email. No ads, nobody else gets your email address, no mail is sent except an article every couple of days. If you see an article you like, pass it along or post it somewhere. I’ve given up on money and fame – now I’m just after whatever tiny bit of ego-boosting I can get in my declining years.

Bruceb News - 2400 articles

I’ve got some interesting things lined up for the next 2400 articles, so keep reading. Thanks for your continued loyalty and support!

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