Bruceb Cloud Backup - unlimited storage, unlimited computers

Bruceb Cloud Backup offers monitored online backups for small businesses and home computers. I’m happy to announce a major upgrade that lowers costs and makes it easier to take advantage of the service. For a single low price, the Bruceb Cloud Backup program can be installed on all your computers (no more license fees!), with unlimited storage space for your backed-up files in Amazon’s secure S3 global server network.

There are three Bruceb Cloud Backup plans:

•  Personal – $20/month for unlimited Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers

•  Pro – $25/month for one Windows Server and unlimited computers

•  Premium – $40/month for unlimited servers and computers

All three plans offer unlimited storage space.

We’re taking advantage of lower storage prices from Amazon and lower license fees for the software (provided by Cloudberry Lab). Bruceb Cloud Backup continues to be cheaper and more flexible than the business plans from Carbonite and Mozy.

If you’re already a subscriber, the new settings are effective now. You can install the program on more computers by downloading it from the link on the Trial page. Use your Bruceb Cloud Backup credentials to install it on additional computers. Drop me a note if you don’t know your password.

If you’re not already using Bruceb Cloud Backup, send an email asking for a free password, then install the program from the Trial page. Use it for 30 days at no charge.

Bruceb Cloud Backup is included at no extra cost in the Bruceb Backup Pro package, along with ShadowProtect backup software. I’m rolling that out to my clients now; the web site for Bruceb Backup Pro will be up shortly.

Unlimited storage space. Unlimited computers. Safer than local backups. Try Bruceb Cloud Backup today!

(Small print: Unlimited computers? Not really. If you’re an Internet troll and you want to get a password and share it online and back up a hundred terabytes of pirated movies from 250 computers around the world – don’t bother asking. It’s just me here and that’s not what this is about. Go away. Shoo.)

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