Next week I’ll be attending a strategy and planning session with a hand-picked selection of high-powered executives. Among others, the attendees include the Chief of Medical Legal Affairs at Kaiser Permanente-Santa Rosa; one of the partners at Studio Bondy Architecture in San Francisco; the CEO of Coyote Coast Youth & Family Counseling; and the founder of web development firm Sutro Research.

For completeness, I suppose I should mention that the attendees are my wife, her sister and her sister’s husband, and my son Andrew, along with a few other hangers-on and paparazzi – mothers, children, that sort of people.

Nitpickers might argue that this is nothing more than a family vacation but pay no attention to them – clearly they are unfamiliar with the complex world of deductible business expenses.

Like many events for busy professionals, I’m forced to travel to a remote location to attend the conference. I’ll be in Hanalei during the week of July 28.

The photo above is a simulation that may not exactly match our meetings next week. It’s possible that the setting will be more like this.

Do not despair! Well, despair a little bit – I find it very gratifying. I’ll be answering the phone when possible and responding to emails at odd hours of the night. If you have an emergency and cannot reach me, call my office at (707) 703-1601 and dial extension 102 for my trusted colleague Mikel Cook. He may be able to help.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support! If we talk next week, I’ll try not to gloat.

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