I hoped that after the election the country would look like when Dorothy’s house lands in Oz and she opens the door and everything is in color and birds are chirping and people begin to sing and dance.

We didn’t get that.

The vote count is proceeding as I write this. The presidential race – it’s like watching a single plant struggling to grow. It’s an important plant and I’m grateful for it. If we make it thru the counting, it will be deeply meaningful to have Joe Biden as president – restoring federal agencies, rebuilding our credibility worldwide, perhaps making it possible to have a day go by when we are not embarrassed or repulsed by our leader.

But it’s hard to overlook that with the Republicans in charge of the Senate, we are otherwise likely to be in the same god-forsaken hellscape that we’ve been living in for four years.

Our country is badly broken.

Back to technology news next week. Don’t forget to breathe.

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