Security and peace of mind

Automatic installation of critical updates for important programs and utilities
Monitored updates

We're notified whenever an update is released for Windows, Office, Chrome, Firefox, Java, Flash, Adobe Acrobat & Reader, and many more programs and utilities. We review each one and approve the ones that are safe to install. Your computers automatically install new updates every week, before you start work.

You'll get these benefits:

  • SECURITY You’ll be at less risk from malware delivered by poisoned web sites, because browser add-ins like Java and Flash will be up to date on your computer.
  • PEACE OF MIND You won’t be bothered by popup windows and balloons about updates. The nonstop barrage of Java update notices will disappear.
Increased security against online attacks

Most malware attacks are aimed at vulnerabilities that have already been patched. When you’re led to a poisoned web site (and you will be), it will be searching for an out of date program that can be broken in a way that allows a bit of malware to be installed. Each update closes another small vector of attack. The attacks work because most people don’t install updates in a timely way. It is essential to run a strong antivirus program but poisoned web sites typically bypass your security program - if your computer is not up to date, you're vulnerable to online attacks.

No extra cost

When you sign up for Bruceb Remote Management, we'll take over patching and updating your computer right away at no extra cost. You'll get all these services from Bruceb Consulting for about four dollars per month:

• Workstation monitoring – alerting us to potential issues affecting data storage, hacker attacks, and your overall network health.

• Antivirus and backup monitoring – 24×7 feedback to make sure backups are performed on schedule and security software is always up to date.

• Patches and updates – review and installation of updates to Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and other important programs and utilities, delivered automatically.

• Remote support – fast and effective support with a minimum of fuss.

Automatic updates for Windows & Office

Bruceb Remote Management supplements other update services. You’ll still get the full benefit of Microsoft’s trusted Automatic Update system, and your computer will still restart after installing critical updates once a month on Patch Tuesday.

The management software will identify any Microsoft updates that are overlooked or don’t install correctly, as well as handling all the important third party updates.