I keep searching for the perfect way to index Outlook and my documents so information can be found easily. I’ve been using 80-20 Retriever, which integrates with Outlook, updates its index every night, and comes up with pretty good results. A bit quirky, but not bad.

Enfish Find is a brand new indexing program that will be available to download free for one day only – tomorrow, Wednesday September 5. The screen shots look quite good, and Enfish has a good track record. I’m hoping it’s the killer search engine I’ve been waiting for!

UPDATE 9/15 Enfish Find was unsatisfying. I had trouble getting good search results and quickly uninstalled it. 80-20 Retriever is behaving itself well these days. If you store a lot of information in Outlook or you want to be able to index and search your documents, I’d recommend giving it a try – you can download a free trial from the 80-20 web site.

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