According to a new study, more than 3.05 billion files were exchanged over four file sharing systems in August – and that’s more than Napster at its peak in February, when 2.79 billion files were traded.

This is great news. The record industry has attempted to kill file sharing by sowing the seeds of paranoia and suing everybody in sight. We just might defeat them. Do you suppose – just suppose – that they might try to defeat file sharing by offering high-quality downloadable music in a way that’s convenient, permits relatively unrestricted use of the tunes, and is priced affordably? No, I don’t think so either, but we can dream.

Here’s a funny quote from the article: “A spokeswoman for the Recording Industry Association of America acknowledged there would be a certain amount of piracy online and offline. But she said: ‘We are not going to sue our way through the internet, as we do not believe that litigation is a business model.'” Really? Could have fooled me – that’s exactly what their business model has been.

There are several file-swapping services, but I recommend MusicCity. At the moment, it does no filtering, it has very friendly software, and I’m getting great results.

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