An interesting toy for music buffs. If you’ve been a Napster or MusicCity or AudioGalaxy user, you’ve probably assembled a sizable library of music on your hard drive. The Turtle Beach Audiotron is set up with your hi-fi equipment to play through your home speakers, but it is also connected to your home computer network. It can play the songs stored on your computer through your living room speakers – and of course you can search through your music library, choose a genre, shuffle all the songs of a particular artist, or anything else you can think of. If you could use it, it would easily be worth its price of $299.

Home networks are very easy to set up. The hard part is the wiring, since Cat 5 Ethernet cables still work better than anything else right now. This is pretty appealing stuff. It’s getting easier to imagine the explosion of new devices that will be unleashed when wireless technology comes of age – which is right around the corner.

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