My new Dell Axim PocketPC looks just great. Although the $199 version would be just fine for everyday use, many people will appreciate the extra memory in the $299 version (64Mb instead of 32Mb) – and the $299 model includes the cradle to sit on the desk for syncing and recharging the battery. The cheaper one includes cables to do the same thing, nowhere near as elegant as the cradle, which looks very space-agey and has a cool blue Dell logo on the front that lights up when the Axim is inserted.

Dell has single-handed thrown the handheld market into disarray. The Axims have all the features most people would want, at a price no one else can match. Far more appealing than a Palm, too, in a lot of ways – screen display, usability, and accompanying software. Highly recommended if you’re shopping for a handheld!

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