Here’s an odd web site that you might want to visit. A class action lawsuit against CD distributors was settled and a fund has been set up with 67 million dollars in it. Anyone filing a claim before March 3 might get a check up to twenty dollars. Or it might be less, or it might be nothing. But you have nothing to lose by filing a claim. (Sounds like a hoax, doesn’t it? Nope, this one is for real.)

Apparently the response so far has been lukewarm – the plaintiffs are having trouble publicizing the web site. Ideally, enough people will file claims for them to go through with the distribution and each claimant gets twenty bucks. If too many people file claims, the fund gets diluted and claimants get less. And if a flood of people file claims, nobody gets anything – the money is used for non-profit and charitable purposes. Stop by and file a claim!

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