Part 3 in a series describing choices for Internet access in rural Sonoma County

I’ve painted a dismal picture for folks looking for broadband in the country. Cable and DSL may take years to reach you, and satellite Internet access requires patience, technical skills, and a deeply serious commitment to accepting compromises.

There’s one oddball possibility that I have to mention. An almost defunct telecommunications company named ATG serves a handful of areas in Sonoma County that are outside of SBC’s service area for DSL.

ATG can take over all of your telephone service, setting up both voice lines and Internet access. I don’t know the details, but reportedly the price is bearable.

You don’t want to do this unless you’re desperate. ATG is a deeply troubled company – struggling to emerge from a hard bankruptcy, with a new owner that has been very quiet about its plans. It’s possible that tomorrow the new owner will empty the ATG bank accounts and sell the equipment and lock the doors.

If you live in an area where cable and DSL are unavailable, you might be desperate. I am. I would sign up with ATG, notwithstanding the risk – but alas, it’s not to be. Parts of Healdsburg are covered, but not my area west of Sebastopol. Sigh.

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